Founder - Mrs. Rajkumari 

Co Founder - Roja Patnaik 

This club is situated in vizag they organize various blood camps. If you have requiremnt for Blood / Plasma Or You wish to Donate you can.

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Terms & Conditions below 

Greetings from Visakhapatnam blood/plasma donors club 

The motto of the group is to help humanity selflessly and with full dedication. We are a fair, transparent, non-commercial group and we believe in making our work talk on behalf of us. 
We request people who are trying to make money from the needy, seeking to hog lime-light by helping others (or) members looking to join the group only for sending random friend requests to Male/female members in the group (or) any time passers (or) any persons looking for promotions (or) persons promoting any religion (or) any other person who cannot help anyone in need may STRICTLY DO NOT JOIN THIS GROUP.

We believe in maintaining a peaceful environment and a positive environment of helping everyone without any expectations. Persons with similar attitude and dedication to work and serve needy selflessly may only come forward.